You've heard of ghosting, and you've heard of just being a complete bitch. But have you heard of orbiting?

Yeah, me neither.

Until I pulled up this article and read all about it. Let me tell you, it might be the absolute worst thing to ever affect relationships via social media. Honestly, there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Girl, literally nothing. It's the closest way that the asshole you met at the bar you just started feeling something for can keep you close without actually interacting with you himself.

You know when that asshole continues to like your Instagram pictures or favorite your Tweets? And you get to see their name pop up on your phone? It's like they are there, in your orbit, without actually being there. Yeah, that's what orbiting is.

Being there, without actually being there.

Pure f*cking torture.

The only thing you can do to get this asshole out of your orbit is to hit that infamous block button. That erases them from your social media life completely and ultimately makes you even more depressed because you never know how much you like getting that like or favorite until it's... gone.

When was this term officially coined, you ask? When Instagram decided that they wanted to be a ~little~ more like Snapchat and created "Instagram Stories".

Oh, and to make matters worse, show you exactly who watched your stories. Odds are you are more likely to recognize an ex, an ex-best friend, or that guy you hooked up with at a frat party last week who never spoke to you again.

Rumor says, or Instagram says: “The list of people who view your story is ordered based on a number of signals — including people who recently viewed your story, accounts you interact with the most on Instagram, and more.”

My group chat has often gotten into heated arguments about what it means when that guy is literally the first one on the list, and now it feels so good to know why.

They are f*ckin' into you... or just... stalking you. Either way, it could end up feeling really good to know or really freaking creepy to know.

Really not sure if I should delete Instagram and let the ghosts be ghosts or more like demons.

I turned to my own Instagram followers to see if anyone knew what orbiting was, and it turns out, of the people who voted, literally no one knew what the hell it meant. I mean that 99.9% of my followers had no idea what I was talking about.

After explaining the term, I went ahead and asked if my followers were creeped out or flattered by their list or viewers. Here's what I got:

17 votes for "creeped out"...

So, does that mean you want to completely deactivate your IG?

Then, 53 votes for "I'm flattered".

YAAS, you go girl.