The recent news of two former YouTube lover's break up has shattered the Internet. If you haven't heard already, yes people, Liza Koshy and David Dobrick broke up.

Shocking, I know. They just seemed so happy on the Internet, right? Welp, the couple launched a YouTube video titled "we broke up" and they explained what exactly happened within their relationship and why they won't be seeing each other anymore. They explained that "it wasn't healthy for them to be together."

Blah, blah, blah, sob, sob, sob.

Although I am a little heartbroken that the pair went their separate ways, I think it's more efficient to talk about what this means for your relationship. Is social media tearing you apart, invading your privacy?

In an article in The Telegraph written by Charollette Lytton, she explores the idea that social media has stripped us millennials of relationship privacy. As much as I want to stick up for social media I have to agree with Lytton—social media is basically stripping our shields off when it comes to a relationship.

Let's get personal Ladies and Gents.

I've been in a relationship for about a two years (coming in August if you want to be exact). OK, see I just feel the need to tell you that? For what reason? It's becoming a habit.

Anyway, back on track.

Social media plays a huge role in our day to day fights—whether it's about liking another female/males pictures, posting a revealing picture or just the content we like/post in general. It's actually pathetic to come to think of it. But, so is Liza's idea of having to inform us mere bystanders that her relationship with David shifted off the tracks for a while.

Does that mean *if* my boyfriend and I go our separate ways I have to inform my Instagram followers/Odyssey readers about it?

No, no it shouldn't. We are human, just as Liza and David are and whatever feelings go through that relationship should stay with those two people.

Seriously, no questions asked.

Just like I should be allowed to post what I want, when I want, delete whatever I want, when I want and lastly, just like whatever I want. I mean if I genuinely like it, I should be allowed to like it regardless if I'm in a relationship or not.

No offense babe, but if someone posts a picture with a frickin' puppy I'm going to like it—regardless of the gender.

Bottom line, if you're in a relationship you don't need to constantly post with your boo to prove that you love them, or that your relationship is going well. In the same way, if things are rocky, and shakey you don't need to inform every frickin' body about it.

Yes, Liza and David, I am talking about you.

Keep your feelings (or loss of feelings) with you boo. Don't let your followers or stalkers (or whatever you want to call them) control what happens in the relationship.

If you're happy, you're happy and if you're not you're not.

You should be able to decide that yourself, and keep it to yourself. Close the curtain on social media—your business is your business even if you are famous.