Meet The Twitter Account 'SheRatesDogs' Where You Can Finally Expose Your Ex's Toxic Messages For Validation

For those of you who have lived under a Twitter rock for the past month, let me catch you up a bit. There is one account taking Twitter by STORM lately, and that's @SheRatesDogs. Ran by Twitter queen Michaela Okland, SheRatesDogs is full of screenshots of all the cringy things ex-boyfriends and thirsty Tinder matches have sent girls. The account has even evolved to posting absolutely TERRIBLE Tinder bios every Tuesday and they have entered the world of Instagram as well!

Ladies, if you thought you were the only one who received awful texts from your ex, you're in for a treat. You're FAR from the only one struggling with this, as you'll quickly learn by scrolling through the SheRatesDogs account. If you're still not convinced this is something worth checking out, here is a collection of 17 times SheRatesDogs took terrible exes, creepy Tinder matches, and anyone else who makes having social media as a young woman super terrible straight to the pound.

1. Yep, this is definitely right-swipe material.

Thankfully now I have my housing situation figured out, right?!

2. Thank GOD you're not a liar, buddy.

Because this makes everything so much better...

3. "Yikes ok lol" are the only thoughts I have about this.

Just. Why?

4. Close, but not quite.

I have no words.

5. And I think you're about to get this block, NEXT.

Do you think telling me this would make me want to date you even more or what?

6. I just...I can't.

This creeps me out beyond belief.

7. I need this printed on like a sweatshirt, a laptop sticker, something because I'm DEAD.

Of all things, a potato? Really?

8. Um, I need to start doing this for sure.

I'd probably have a solid 30 fuckboys in my phone.

9. Honestly, I'm just waiting for the day this happens to me.

I feel like I'd make instant besties from this bullshit, because nothing brings a group of girls together faster than a shitty guy.

10. Any guy who insists you call him daddy when you barely speak to one another is an immediate 0/10.

Uncle in law at BEST.

11. Major small dick energy.

Okay but why have I heard both of these before...

12. OH.


This is the energy we need in 2019, ladies.

14. Any man who has an excuse like this does not deserve to be in a relationship.

Sure thing, Chad. I'm sure your competition went really well.

15. He wrote her a WHOLE ASS POEM. I can't.

Nothing will win a girl back faster than a shitty poem!

16. Disgusting.

"What we had was amazing your head game is like no other" okay.

17. Ah yes, because a picture of my tits is exactly what you need to heal.

The rose makes me laugh every time I see it.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Sorry Boys, But I Won’t Be That Girl Who Waits Around For You Anymore

Just because I know my worth doesn't mean I should have to wait around for you to realize it too.


I'm like most girls. I am such a hopeless romantic when it comes to dating and all that jazz. With that being said, I have also been the type of girl who has waited around for that guy once or twice (OK let's be real, one too many times).

I am a nice person and a lot of my friends know that I have a kind heart. You can do me dirty and I will forgive you. When it came to guys they could have led me on or ghosted me and later on came back out of nowhere and apologized, more than likely I would have given them a second chance at redemption.

I waited around for that guy to either realize how great we would be together or realize how great of a girl I was. All of my friends would tell me how great I was and how worthy I was but in the end, they weren't the ones I wanted to hear that from. Which was why I waited around and thought up of an excuse to defend the guy I was waiting around for.

The older I got the more I realized how silly I was for waiting around for a guy who probably did not appreciate me the way I should have been appreciated. I realized that I was much better than that and I made a promise that I would stop waiting around. Of course, I did slip up here and there (I mean, I am only human after all).

It wasn't until I was beyond over the male species that I realize how ridiculous I was being for crying over someone who stopped talking to me without rhyme or reason. That was the moment that I realized how worthy I was of a great relationship. A relationship that you see in movies or see in old couples who have been married for 65 years.

I decided I was no longer going to be THAT girl who waited around for a guy. I was no longer going to defend him when my friends asked me why I was still talking to him. I was no longer going to wait around for him to realize how worthy I was. Ever since I promised myself that I was going to live MY best life I have been beyond happy.

Yeah sometimes I say to myself "he was different" but then I remind myself that if he truly cared for me the way I cared for him then I would not have to wait around. He would not only pursue me but also my heart.

So ladies, realize your worth. Stop waiting around for that guy to come to the conclusion how amazing you are. You are a queen and if he can't see that right off the bat, he is NOT worth your time. Wear your crown with your head held high, live your best life, and slay the day away, queen.


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You’re Not Going To Meet Someone On Your Couch Watching Netflix, So Get Your Ass Up

Dating isn't easy, but getting off the couch shouldn't be too hard.


I don't mean to come off as harsh.

The words are directed at me just as much as they are anyone else. Dating isn't easy, especially when most of us have been out of practice. Even as an extroverted person, the idea of striking up a conversation with an attractive guy makes me anxious. If you are fine with being single then this article isn't for you but for the rest of us who want to change our stagnant relationship status, keep on reading.

Dating has changed drastically since our parents' days. In-person conversations have shifted to words on screens, while dinners and drive-in movie theaters have turned into "Netflix and chill." While some of us might be OK with these casual meetings, others want to be wooed. No matter what kind of relationship you're looking for, I can tell you that you aren't going to find it while laying on your couch. Starting something new is stressful and nerve-wracking, but you have to start somewhere. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zones in order to put ourselves in a situation to meet someone new. Whether it's a house party, a nice night out with your girls, or maybe even an invite to study with a new group of friends, these all have the possibility of you putting yourself out there.

There is the potential to meet someone new anywhere: the library, the grocery store, or even in class. While it's important to put yourself out there, don't put so much pressure on everyone you meet. Some people are meant to just be friends, while others have the possibility to be so much more. If you try and it doesn't work out with one person, don't beat yourself up — maybe it wasn't meant to be, or the timing just wasn't right. All I'm trying to say is that you will never know what's out there if you don't get off the couch. I've had a lot of heartbreak in my life and sometimes I think that stops me from trying something new. It's hard to come to terms with that you might be what's stopping you from having a relationship with somebody. We need to remind ourselves that we deserve to be loved and be happy, and a healthy romantic relationship can give us that, we just have to be willing to try.

So strike up a conversation with the cute guy in your English class. Text the boy who you've always wondered "what if." Flirt with the guy who you make eye contact with across the bar. Or don't. The choice is yours. Sitting on the couch hasn't been working for you though, so you might as well try something new.

If you're truly content with being single, I'm happy for you. Keep watching Netflix on your couch, don't let me stop you. But for everyone else who wants to change their relationship status, pause the show, close the laptop or turn off the TV. Try something new, even though it's scary. I'm not saying a boyfriend will just fall into your lap, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

Someone could be out there waiting for you, all you have to do is get off the damn couch.

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