6 Classic Texts Everyone Receives From Their Ex

6 Classic Texts Everyone Receives From Their Ex

Ex: I still love you, Me: I don't blame you

If you've been through a breakup, you can be certain of one thing: post breakup texts. They're received unexpectedly, reaching you at any time and any place. Its basis all relies on what occurred during those last weeks before the split. However, if you're on the “lucky" end of the spectrum and have received one of these texts below be sure to know the true underlying message your ex is really trying to convey.

1. "I miss you"

WELL DUH, of course you miss me. You'll usually wake up to this particular text sent during the late hours of the night between 1 AM and 4 AM. The majority of the time your ex is in a stage of rejection and shoots this particular text with the sole intention of being reassured you still care for their lonely self.

2. "Come over let's talk"

Understand that when an ex sends this message they DO NOT want to “talk". Their version of talking consists of “netflix & chillin" or coincidently watching the movie No Strings Attached. Veer away from responding to this message.

3. "Just saw this and thought of you"

What a subtle excuse to start a conversation with your ex. Becky, chances are he did not find that old album you made for him back in high school. Instead he just simply used this phrase to catch your attention.

4. "Wher arrred you"

If you ever come across this message with these misspellings be aware there is a 99.9% chance your ex is probably tanked with loads of “water".

5. "Can't believe you're with so and so"

Before you respond to this message please realize your ex is still caught up in your business, therefore, giving you the upper hand. Usually, this text follows up with a “you have such bad taste and low standards" just hit them with a response like “that's why I liked you". You will definitely have the last word in this one while leaving them speechless.

6. "One last time"

This one is self-explanatory. Do you.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Is He A Fuckboy? Take This Quiz To Determine If You Should Run For The Hills

Where was this quiz five exes ago?


Is he a fuckboy? It's time to find out. This quiz has been generated by a fuckboy expert—me—who has been screwed over by many fuckboys—again me. No longer are the times where one has to wonder whether or not a guy is fully invested. With the amount of social media we have today it is pretty easy to find out whether or not you crush, or the guy you're talking to or even your S.O. is a major fuckboy.

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If you want to know whether or not YOUR GUY is a fuckboy doing fuckboy things, then take this quiz and find out—but be warned—you might not like the end results.

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It's National Coming Out Day, So I'm Doing Just That

"I'm coming out. I want the world to know." -Diana Ross


Odyssey has given me the ability to express myself and open up about viewpoints that I rarely discuss. Writing about controversial topics is always scary because you're putting yourself in a vulnerable position by opening up to the world.

This article is possibly the most vulnerable I will ever get during my time with Odyssey.

This article is not a viewpoint, it is a coming out.

My senior year of high school I was faced with a very tough question: Who am I?

I was confused about everything in the world, myself included. It took time, but I figured it out. It's taken another four and a half years to talk about it.

So here it is: I'm bisexual.

So often do we see "straight" as the default for sexuality. This "default" made it even harder to admit my own sexuality to myself.

I spent months trying to figure out who I was and still have days where I question myself. I've spent so long keeping a large part of myself a secret that I've started to doubt myself and I no longer want to do that.

I want to be proud of who I am.

I want to stand up for other people and speak out about issues that affect me and others like me and not be afraid. I want to be a part of my community and not be afraid of being questioned.

I'm no longer afraid to be who I am.

For the past four years, I have watched this day come and go, each year saying, "This is the year," and chickening out last second. I'm not going to chicken out any longer. This is the year I tell everyone who I am.

I'm terrified of admitting this to the world, but I hope that it will only free me.

Bisexuality comes with its own myths and question for other people, though, and I want to address some things before I leave everyone with this new information about myself.

Dating a guy does not make me straight and dating a woman does not make me lesbian. Bisexuality is its own sexuality and should be seen as such.

I am not more likely to cheat because of my sexuality. Being bi does not make me unfaithful or promiscuous.

My history—with men or women—is none of your business. Period.

It's not a phase or "experimenting," it's who I am. Please see the previous point if you have questions about that.

My sexuality is not fake. It is real. I and countless others exist. This article is here to tell you I exist.

I'm bisexual and I'm coming out.

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