To The Girl Who Keeps Waiting For Him To 'Get Better,' He Won't

Don't settle. You hear it all the time, from your professors who motivate and challenge you, from your parents who only want the best for you, from your friends who want to go out, party, and have a good time.

Don't. Settle.

No matter how much your ears bleed because of how often the statement is thrown around, there are truths and validity to the saying. Especially at a young age, it's very easy to find comfort in a partner even though the relationship comes with plenty of heartaches. The association produces stress rather than bliss, but you remain. Why?

I won't lie, I used to be one of those girls who refused to "give up on someone." I didn't want to because romantic relationships are very influential in my life and, quite frankly, a big deal. I don't take it lightly. Not including my current relationship, I've had one other serious affair. It was as serious as it can get and he had my heart in his hand. I chose this one person out of all the fish in the sea and the thought of just walking away was ludicrous. If you chose an individual, you try to make it work.

But there was an issue: I depended on the future getting better, easier, less complicated.

It's true that people mature, develop, and change over time, but when it comes to romance, don't stay becuase of the idea or hope that it will get better.

Chrissy Teigen may have told John Legend, "No," when he first complained of their relationship way back when, but when I attempted to break up with an ex who retorted, "No, I'll change," I was cautious to stay, but complied. Although Legend and Teigen have happily figured it out as their issue was senseless and, now, comical to reminisce about, my ex never changed. At every attempt I made to divide ourselves, I ended up abiding by him and waiting for a miraculous transformation.

I waited. And lingered.

Walk away. Trust me, I learned it the hard way, and you don't want to feel like you wasted a period of your life.

After a messy breakup and the realization that people don't change for others and solely for themselves, I was stronger than ever. People can change, but only if it's instituted by their self-soul.

You only have one life! Woah, maybe YOLO isn't so useless. Don't waste your life, energy, and breath on someone who doesn't reciprocate. They could be the most amazing, kindest being on the planet, but that doesn't mean you can have a meaningful, lasting relationship with them. If there are troubles in the beginning, there will be detrimental challenges all throughout until the tumultuous end.

Although I don't regret my past connections, the experiences I gained, the person I've become, after the split, I was distressed at the thought that I misspent my high school career on a terminated commitment. In reality, I didn't fritter away this time becuase I learned a valuable lesson about my own confidence, independence, and strength. I'm grateful for the hardships, but, most importantly, now I know when to walk away.

There are differences between bumps in the road and entire divisions of tectonic plates.

Personally, I have a few lover-problems in mind that will assure the action of me leaving a relationship. For instance, if my boyfriend mandated what I wore or who I could talk to or if he was disinterested in the problems I bring up in the relationship. Bye. I'm gone. They've lost their opportunity.

I don't mean to be so pessimistic, but, at the end of the day, he won't change: once a cheater, always a cheater. Take it from Khloe Kardashian who has endured way too many relationship scars. Have a price tag! Don't fall for every guy who compliments your beauty, gives you an ounce of attention or calls you "the one." Never forget your worth.

Wait for the guy who collaborates with you and attempts to develop the issues found in the relationship. Acknowledge that no bond is perfect. When two human beings with unique complexes come together, there are bound to be issues, arguments, and battles, but the challenge is in recognizing that certain personality traits will never change.

Red flags are warning signs for a reason, take them seriously. Don't Settle.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

10 Pick-Up Lines That Are Perfectly Corny, Funny, And Flattering

Highly recommend using these during date nights to make your S.O. laugh.


Valentine's Day may be next month, but it'll approach faster than we know it. If you have a significant other that you'd like to make a cute card for or take out on a date, here are a mixture of cute and hilarious pick-up lines that will easily woo your love and make them laugh at the same time. Corny jokes may be, well, corny, but who could ever resist smiling over a cheesy line?

2. "If you were a fly, I'd be all over you, 'cause you're the shit!"

If this doesn't make your date laugh, find a new one.

3. "You're like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life."

This line is used when looking for a more wholesome and pure moment.

4. "I need a dollar, but I only have 90 cents. Would you like to be my dime?"

A classic I'm sure we've all probably heard before. Still flattering, though.

5. "Do you smoke pot? Because weed be cute together."

Perfect if you and your date are both potheads!

6. "Are you an orphanage? Because I wanna give you kids."

If you're looking for a more freaky approach.

7. "If we shared a garden, I'd put my tulips and your tulips together."

A fun way to let them know how badly you want to kiss them.

8. "Let me tie your shoes because I don't want you falling for someone else."

This line, right here, is undeniably smooth.

9. "I'm not Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bed rock."

And so is this one.

10. "Wanna know what's on the menu? Me-n-u."

Reserved for romantic dinner dates, like in the movies.

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I Asked 11 People To Tell Me Their Worst Date Experiences, And These Are Their Stories

Vulgarity, awkwardness, and embarrassment ahead. Read with caution.


Let's face it, my fellow millennials... dating is fucking hard. There are creeps, assholes, cheapskates, gold diggers, and there are people just looking to get into your pants and leave. It's a wild world out there in the dating pool, and I've asked 11 people to share with me their worst ever dates. Here's what they had to say...

1. Magen, 28

"I went to see a movie with this guy I was lukewarm about. He was excited about the movie and told me it looked really good. Turns out it's a horror film where the protagonists are all being murdered by a young woman/poltergeist that appears in photos before killing them. Then it turns out that everyone that died gang-raped and murdered the young woman. Then after the movie, he asked me to get in the back seat: No. Then he tried to make out with me: No. When I said I wanted to go home he drove in silence for the whole 20 minutes. A week later he messaged me that if I converted to Islam we could get married. So, basically, he was a psycho."

2. Emma, 20

"I once went over a guy's house for a second date with him. The first was two days before, and it was a blind date, so I didn't really know him well. When I got to his house, we went up to his room to watch 'Up.' His room was filthy. He had dirty socks, underwear, and clothes everywhere. His bed was unmade, too. I sat up and leaned against his headboard as he sat about a foot away from me, awkwardly leaning back on his elbows. After the movie was over, I made up an excuse to leave, saying I had to clean my house for my mom. He walked me to my car and kissed me out of nowhere. He then proceeded to ask me to officially be his girlfriend. I told him that we should go on more dates and see where it goes from there. I drove back to my house and when I got home, I texted him and told him I didn't see it going anywhere."

3. Emily, 25

"A guy asked me to lick his asshole in the middle of dinner."

4. Michael, 25

"I was walking up to a restaurant and just happened to walk past my date when she was snorting Xanax in her car. I turned right around and drove to Wendy's and got a Baconator."

5. Lily, 22

"On my first date with a guy, I drove him to Sonic. He flirted with the waitress and I had to pay for both of our meals because he was 'trying to be more careful with his money.'"

6. Anonymous, 23

"I met a man online to be my new sugar daddy. We only talked for a day and he wanted to meet at the mall. So the morning of I texted him where exactly and he told me to meet at a bar/restaurant. I show up in a t-shirt and white/gray floral workout leggings. We're making awkward small talk. He's telling me about the girls he tried to see before how they all ghosted him and he didn't know why. He was a very attractive man in a rich industry so I was excited to be pretty high on his list. Twenty-five mins into it, I have to use the bathroom. I was feeling crampy all day and knew my period was coming. I excuse myself to the bathroom and walk away. As soon as I get into the restroom, I look in the mirror and see a HUGE bloody stain on my ass. I'm EMBARRASSED. I try to dab as much blood out as possible and shove toilet paper in my underwear to use as a pad. I cover my butt with my sweatshirt and walk back to my seat. Luckily the seat was black so it didn't show but I could see a damp spot. He didn't notice I don't think but I needed to change so I suggested we walk around the mall. I tell him I'm gonna run to my car for something then meet back up with him. I found some black leggings in my trunk and change. I met up with him again and he noticed the change but didn't say anything. After we walked around we went back to his car and he gave me $100. He said he wanted to see me again a few days later. The day came to hang out and HE ghosted me."

7. Marilyn, 23

"A boy I met off Tinder took me to a generic, less nice, knock-off of Olive Garden, bought me dinner and then went and watched a movie with his parents. Leans over to me, whispers 'You should take my virginity because I bought you dinner.' His parents asked what he said because I made a weird face and then left."

8. Bree, 26

"I went to see a movie (the first 'Fantastic Beasts') and the guy spent the entire movie talking about how 'his woman' shouldn't work and how he wanted someone to service him. Not the previews. The actual movie itself. No second date, although he texted me every day for a month after."

9. Mia, 20

"I was 15 and I met this guy and we went to a play and then to get dessert. Since neither of us could drive my parents dropped him off at his house after dessert and he kissed me on the forehead and said I love you as he left the car IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS. I had met him like once before."

10. Annie, 21

"We went to see 'Mission Impossible: Fall Out.' He didn't like it, so we left 20 minutes into the movie. We went to go get food (Bonbon Sushi), he made fun of my order, spent the entire date making weird jokes that were definitely not 'first date' type jokes (ex. 'I can tell you're gonna be a handful, figuratively and literally'), told me I was too nice (in a bad way), and that he was mean. I said I don't really like mean, even if it's just joking. He drove me home, asked me to RATE THE DATE (WTF). I said, 'I don't know, I don't really want to do that.' He said, 'Well, I'm asking you to be honest.' I said, 'okay...well...I guess a seven then.' I was being generous. He said, 'Seven?! What could I have done better?' I said, 'Honestly, primarily just being nicer. It's a first date, don't you want to put your best foot forward?' He laughed in my face, said, 'Well, this isn't going to work out then,' and DROVE AWAY! I thought, 'well, at least he knows it wasn't a good date.' Two days later, he texts me asking for a second date..."

11. Ash, 21

"We were friends and then started dating. The relationship was really short-lived and ended up being pretty crappy, but he talked for like a week about wanting to take me out for burgers at a nearby diner and then 'forgot' his card at home. I ended up paying, and he promised he would pay for the next date. Then ghosted me for a week, and when I confronted him about it, he ended up dumping me in front of my dorm building."

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