I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I have been called "lame" for waving off a girls night for my boo thing, in a good way. Never in a bad way, because when your friends accept the fact that you have a boo, your life is easy. I mean this.

But, if you have mad FOMO (fear of missing out) like I do, your boo can end up telling you to go home and go do it anyway. Having a long-term boyfriend that you love has a lot of perks, but just like everything that's good, it also has its downside.

Would I rather be single? Based off the things that my babe friends have talked to me about.

Absolutely freaking not.

It's pretty simple actually. When you have a boo thing for the summer, here are the things you go through.

You don't have to flirt with anyone for a free drink at the beach bar because, chances are, your babe has it covered.

Yes, yes I said it. The only person you have to give the puppy dog eyes to is your boo to beg him to buy you another shot to take with the girls. You win a golden prize if you and your lova do the "I buy the first and you buy the second" exchange.

You never have to worry about who you're going home with.

You're going home with your boo. You can leave the scavenging to your girlfriends, even throw them a bone a few times if you want. Get creative, but you know you never have to worry about wasted time because you already have a honey to be the big spoon at night.

Honestly, who doesn't love waking up to your boo thang at night?

You get the "you're literally so lucky you have him" line probably every day of your life.

Yes, I know I am lucky. You will find a little cucumber like mine one day. But, hey what about me? I would say I'm a huge catch, right?

If your boo isn't at the club with you, you're usually glued to a wall while your friends turn their game on.

Even if it is "just a girls night out", you can't blame your friends for flirting with the cuties across the bar. Not everyone is as lucky as you for finding someone too quickly. Step back and go for the ride, you can always send a "hey, pick me up" text.

You're like the boy mind reader all of a sudden.

Because you got him, right? So you automatically know everything there is to know about boys, relationships, penis, sex, and just about everything else. I'm seriously not complaining though; come to Mama, bitches.

You're pretty much the poster child for the perfect relationship.

Because, to be completely honest, who wouldn't want a relationship like yours? No, seriously, we're perfect.

Lastly, but never the least, your boyfriend is everyone's boyfriend.

He's there to listen to the drama, the stories, and send love to your friends. It's never really like they're single when they have your boo.

Like I said, it has its pros and cons.