I don't know who needs to hear this but your relationship status does not define who you are or your self-worth — not even around Valentine's Day!

But for those Odyssey creators who happen to be single and/or know a single friend who's ready to mingle ahead of February 14, we created a Swoon dating profile template to make things fun! Whether creators made a playful profile for a friend or themselves (or even some fictional characters), they surely outdid themselves and the profiles are worthy of all the DMs.

Here are the five best Swoon dating profiles so far featuring real-life Odyssey creators. Who knows, maybe your perfect match is on this list. But if not, it's still fun to get to know your fellow writers and maybe even make new friends!

Click on their profiles to see if they're your perfect match:

Want to create a funny dating profile for yourself or a friend, too?

Go here for Swoon's easy-to-use template you'll just have to copy and paste.

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